Newsletter – June/July 2016


Calling all Mystery Lovers!

10 incredible mysteries for one low price

Each the first of a series

Each by an award-winning, best-selling author

A total of over 3,000 pages of reading pleasure for lovers of amateur sleuth, caper, and cozy mysteries!

  • Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun, an Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery by Lois Winston
  • Murder Among Neighbors, a Kate Austen Suburban Mystery by Jonnie
  • Skeleton in a Dead Space, a Kelly O’Connell Mystery by Judy Alter
  • In for a Penny, a Cleopatra Jones Mystery by Maggie Toussaint
  • The Hydrogen Murder, a Periodic Table Mystery by Camille Minichino
  • Retirement Can Be Murder, A Baby Boomer Mystery by Susan Santangelo
  • Dead Air, A Talk Radio Mystery by Mary Kennedy
  • A Dead Red Cadillac, A Dead Red Mystery by RP Dahlke
  • Murder is a Family Business, an Alvarez Family Murder Mystery by Heather Haven
  • Murder, Honey, a Carol Sabala Mystery by Vinnie Hansen

Ten mysteries for only $2.99

No, even better! They’re available for limited time for only 99 cents at Kindle, B&N, Kobo, Sony, iTunes and other e-book platforms! Keyword: limited time. Hurry!

The Gilded Cage is selling well. No, I can’t call it a best-seller nor is it #1 on any Amazon lists, but it’s selling better than most of my books, and the reviews are good. I can’t ask for any more. I spent a lot of time this spring promoting the title—writing guest blogs, doing interviews, etc. It’s worth it and came at a time when I wasn’t ready to settle down with a major writing project.

I loved doing this book, maybe because of the Chicago connection to my roots, but I wish I could find another historical figure who absorbed my interest as Cissie Palmer did. If I do chance across someone, I’ll drop mysteries for a lengthy research project. Meantime my future holds more mysteries.

And about me this spring!

Two major things have kept me from starting a new novel. We are remodeling my garage/guest apt. into a cottage for me. I will live there while my youngest daughter and her family move into the main house. Since at present, she is running my house and hers, this will be a relief for both of us. Her husband and son are both on board with the move. Jacob, my grandson, is excited because all his buddies that he goes to school with live in my neighborhood.

It’s a major construction project but when it’s finished I’ll have a good-sized office/sitting room, a small bedroom, a bar (can’t have two kitchens on one property because of zoning laws, so we’re calling it a bar). I can have any appliance I can plug in, so it will be fine for fixing lunch and light supper. If I want to cook a major meal, I’ll come in the house. I’m really excited about it, though I haven’t been allowed in the construction site yet because it’s all cords, etc.

The other thing is that I have broken my leg/ankle—actually it’s the very lower part of the leg but it really affects the ankle, which the orthopedic surgeon says is beyond repair. So I cannot bear any weight on that foot until it heals. No word yet on how long that will be but I go back to the doctor July 5. Meantime, I’m housebound but content. I’m working, friends come to visit and bring meals, Jordan, my daughter, has sprouted wings as a caretaker.

What’s ahead? I think in the next few days I’ll start another Kelly O’Connell Mystery. I’m not making any promises but I’ll tell you on the q.t. the theme that I have in mind—racism, which seems to have reared its ugly head in our country in recent years. Shhh. Don’t tell.

This is the book cover for Skeleton in a Dead Space which is the first of my Kelly O’Connell book series and is currently in the Sleuthing Women boxed set.

It’s one of the ten mysteries by various authors for only 99 cents for a limited time. I apologize for being redundant but this is an opportunity lovers of mystery books shouldn’t miss!

As aforementioned, the set can be found on Kindle, B&N, Kobo, Sony, iTunes and other e-book platforms.


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