Newsletter – April 2016


Hey, friends!

Please come celebrate with me!

The Gilded Cage,

a book I’ve worked on for ten years and is dear to my heart

is now available,

so let’s party!

The Wine Haus

Friday, April 29

1628 Park Place Avenue, Fort Worth, 76110

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

You’re on your own for wine but I will provide snacks.

Come join me and let’s have fun!

Chicago, from swampland to host of the 1893 World Columbian Exposition, as lived by two leading historical figures: tycoon and hotelier Potter Palmer and his activist wife Bertha Honoré Palmer who fought for women’s rights and help for the poor. A story of love, major historical events, class warfare, intrigue, a forbidden love interest, and murder. A history of Chicago’s colorful Gilded Age.

You can get this book from Amazon (Kindle and paperback).

And in other news….

Launching The Gilded Cage has taken up a lot of my time and energy lately, but I’ve been busy with other things. I’m trying to get my mysteries online after the demise of Turquoise Morning Press (to which I remain forever grateful for getting me started in mysteries). So far I’ve gotten the first two Kelly O’Connell Mysteries and all three Blue Plate Mysteries posted on Amazon as digital books (if you really want print, write me at ) and I’ll see what I have.

I have just a bare start on a fourth Blue Plate Mystery but my subconscious is working on it. I had one idea, and then a friend from a small town gave me another—now I have to make them work together. Tentative title: Murder at the Old Bus Depot.

I made the huge computer mistake that all of us dread. With one keystroke I wiped out three-and-a-half months of back-up blogs. I had been saving them with the idea of a sort of ‘Year in the Life of….” Book. I blogged about it and ended with, “Who is interested in a day in the life of Judy Alter anyway.” Imagine my delight when that ubiquitous Anonymous wrote, “Are you kidding? I go to the blog almost every day to see what’s going on in the life of Judy Alter.” At this point I’m afraid it will be the year of the hail storm, the big move, and the year I grew old. Not really but sometimes it feels that way.

And on the home front….

If you read my blog, you know that one room of my house was pretty much destroyed by a March 17 hailstorm—my youngest daughter’s birthday when we had high celebration plans. Instead she and friends spent the morning mopping up while I was on the phone with insurance, restoration people, etc. My house is now a jungle of piles of books, cartons of supposedly “baked” and dried books, and other things we had to move. But I have a snug new roof and a gleaming new wood floor—the wet one buckled like an ocean with waves and, yes, I tripped and fell. Next week painters. Not sure life will ever get back to normal.

I am fortunate to have loyal family and friends, good contractors, and people who care for me.

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