Murder at the Blue Plate Café Discussion

For your convenience, a printable .docx file containing the following questions is available here.

  1. How important is setting in this novel. Would it work as well set in Dallas?
  2. Why and how has Wheeler changed in thee fourteen years Kate has been away—or has Kate’s perception of Wheeler changed?
  3. What are Kate’s strengths? Weaknesses? Does she change during the course of events?
  4. How would the book differ if Gram was telling the story from on high?
  5. Did you feel the presence of Gram as a force in the novel?
  6. Is Donna a three-dimensional, believable character or is she an exaggerated stereotype?
  7. Who would you pick for Kate? Rick, the police chief? Dave, the nursery owner? How did your perception of these characters change by the end of the book?
  8. Is there a theme or moral to the story?
  9. Did you enjoy the book? Why? Why not?