A nonfiction history of the historic Waggoner Three D Ranch in North Texas and the family who built an empire there. The ranch is the largest under one fence in this country, established by Daniel Waggoner in the years when the Comanche were still a threat on the Texas plains. His son, W. T., built the empire of his father’s dreams, and for 165 years members of the family lived on the land, though their escapades off the ranch brought them the most publicity. Theirs is a story of land and wealth, of cattle and oil, of divorces and flamboyant lives. Waggoners played an important role in shaping the Texas cattle industry, and they both shaped and were shaped by the frontier city of Fort Worth, known today for its combination of cowboys and culture.

Working title: “The Most Land, the Best Cattle: The Waggoners of Texas.”

Pub date: 2021