About Judy

I am a lifelong fan of mysteries and, now retired from a career with an academic press, I’ve turned my attention to writing mysteries. I read so many of them, I was just sure I could write one. I told myself I’d be content if I could just have one mystery in print. Now there are six in the Kelly O’Connell Mystery Series, three in the Blue Plate Mystery Series, and two in the Oak Grove Mysteries.

My latest book is the second in the Oak Grove Mysteries titled Pigface and the Perfect Dog which was released in September 2017. In it, the main character Susan Hogan thinks she’s about to meet her maker when she confronts a rifle-carrying man, who looks like a pig, in a grocery store. Jake investigates the body of a young college student, shot in the back and found in an empty pasture. Aunt Jenny showers love on the new puppy a young man from the grocery gave her but she has to get rid of that heavy collar.

The book I wrote prior to that was The Gilded Cage which is my pride and joy. It’s actually not a novel but rather a historical-based story set in Chicago, the city of my youth, in the last half of the nineteenth century. Chronicling the life of Mrs. Potter Palmer (Bertha Honoré Palmer) it also chronicles the Great Fire, the Civil War years with a POW camp in the city, the labor troubles that erupted in a series of strikes and riots and the notable Haymarket Riot, and the Columbian Exposition. Potter Palmer, one of the most influential city fathers, built the Palmer House, an elegant hotel with its doors open to this day. One reviewer wrote, “I really enjoyed this picture of 19th century Chicago from a uniquely woman’s perspective. As a fan of historical fiction, I loved the weaving of accurate historical background with very rich characters. A definite favorite!

I’ve been a writer since I was ten or twelve and distinctly remember submitting a story to Seventeen when I was about that age. But my first book, After Pa Was Shot, a young-adult novel, was published in 1978. Since then I’ve written fiction and nonfiction for young adults, adults, and even second graders. Give me a topic and I’ll write about it, but my focus for years was women of the American West, with novels about Jessie Benton Frémont, Elizabeth Bacon (Mrs. George Armstrong) Custer, Lucille Mulhall, the first woman roper, and Etta Place and the Sundance Kid.

I have had awards from the National Cowboy Museum and Hall of Fame, the Texas Institute of Letters, and Western Writers of America, Inc., including their Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement, and I was inducted into the Hall of Fame in June 2015. I belong to Sisters in Crime, the Guppies subgroup of Sisters in Crime, and the Texas Institute of Letters. The Fort Worth Public Library elected me to their Texas Literary Hall of Fame.

I am also passionate about cooking. I love to experiment on guests, entertain, and explore new tastes, new techniques. Yet some of my old stand-by dishes are too savory to give up. Hence the cooking pages on this site. You’ll find the food-related books I’ve written, recipes I’ve tried, and, I hope, contributions from others. Cooking is a community activity! My book on chili, called Texas is Chili Country, came from Texas Tech Press in November 2015.

There’s a third major element to my life besides writing and cooking. I am the proud mother of four and grandmother of seven. All of them, thank goodness, live in Texas, but only one in Fort Worth—one daughter, one son-in-law, one grandchild. I see that grandson a lot and love it, only wish the others were close enough to spend the night with me more often.

The grandchildren used to love to stay at Camp Juju, the guest apartment attached to my garage. But now I’ve had the entire structure remodeled into a 600-square foot cottage that is my living space. I have an office area and a living-room area, a small but upscale bath, a huge walk-in closet, a small bedroom, and a tiny cooking area. My new home is called simply “The Cottage.” My local family has moved into the main house, and we enjoy being close but not too close.

When there are no kids or grandkids here, I am content in my cottage, with my dog Sophie, and a wonderful patio and view of the deck and yard. I am blessed with a bevy of friends, caring children, and plenty of writing to do. Keep up with me at my blog, Judy’s Stew or email me at j.alter@tcu.edu.

The author and her clan during the 2017 Christmas holiday in Ruidoso, New Mexico!