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Irene Foxglove wishes she were a French chef. Henrietta James, her assistant, knows she is nothing more than a small-time TV chef on a local Chicago channel. And yet when Irene is threatened, Henny tries desperately to save her, wishing always that ‘Madame’ would tell her the truth–about her marriage, her spoiled daughter, her days in France, the man who threatens her. Henny’s best friend, the gay guy who lives next door, teases her, encourages her, and shares meals with her, even as she wishes for more. Murder, kidnapping, and some French gossip complicate this mystery, set in Chicago and redolent with the aroma of fine food.

Want to have a delicious taste of this culinary mystery book? You can! The book’s first Chapter (.docx) is available for your reading pleasure.

Aaand, this just gets better— the book contains several recipes. Here’s a free sample of one of them!

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