You know how some supermarkets offer free samples? You taste a sample and if you like it, you buy it. That’s exactly what I’m doing with my books! I love doing it because I’m very proud of my work and want to offer you a taste. Below are my free samples. Enjoy. Please be sure to check back here periodically as the list can change at any time.

  • Murder at the Bus Depot – Chapter 1 (docx)
  • Pigface and the Perfect Dog excerpt (docx)
  • Pigface and the Perfect Dog DIY bookmark (pdf)
  • The Perfect Coed – Chapter 1 (docx | pdf)
  • Murder at Peacock Mansion – Chapter 1 (web page | docx)
  • Desperate for Death – Chapter 1 (web page | docx)
  • The Gilded Cage – excerpt (web page | docx)
  • The Village Gaarden (with recipe) – Kelly O’Connell short story (docx)